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25-29 october 2016
Some students of our school, accompanied by Maestro Federico Parise and sister Flora Gjoka have taken part in a spiritual experience organized by the Injacian net of Jesuit schools in Italy.
Kairos is an experience that has been continuing for years in Injacian net of Jesuit schools, while for us was the first time. Kristian Guri, Enea Guri, Ana Prendi, Kristi Brushtulli, Paola Qyrsaqi, Xhulia Gjergji dhe Xhovana Gjomarkaj took part in this experience.
What is Kairos ?
The meaning of this word comes from the ancient greece which means: The appropriate time during which happens a special thing for the one that feels this moment.
Kairos is an experience that follows the itinerary of the spiritual exercises of Saint Injaci, fitting each age and situation of teenagers, working on the emotions and helping people to grow and to become free within knowing better himself , his identity , in relationship with himself , the others and God.
Kairos is a special, holy and privileged moment which helps you understand in what situation is your relationship with your deepest desire,with the others and with God.
It doesn’t happen often to have such moments and to reflect in silence.
Some of the students who participate replied:
Kristi: Not everyone has the possibility to have such a unique and incredible experience like Kairos. It didn’t last much, but helped me to know new people and the most important thing to know myself. Every part of the organization was special, it was quite a warm hospitality and full of surpises.
Ana: Mistery and surprises .
Enea: Emotion and positivity
We thank our scool for giving this possibility to have such an experience , hoping that this experience will be realised in our school too.

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