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Jesuits and Sports

From May 4th to May 7th, in Torino, Italy, a conference took place. Its theme was “Jesuits and sport”- Friendship, Fairplay and Fun. In this activity there were students from Albania, Spain, Malta, Hungary and Italy. Our school was represented by a delegation with the students: Sledja Ishmakej, Klea Gjoni, Gabriel Rakaj, Drisela Kullolli, and lead by the physical education teacher, Aurora Hila.
During the conference, the delegations presented their projects linked to the influence the Jesuits had had in developing sports, and they discussed the benefits of sports in our lives, especially for teenagers.
Every day was filled with all kinds of different activities, allowing students to participate, to introduce themselves and to get to know each other and each other’s cultures. This gave the activity a cultural dimension.
Teenagers were able to play different sports, highlighting its importance in their lives.
It was an unforgettable experience. Everything was wonderful. The teamwork, the continuous help of our teacher, Aurora Hila, who supported us in every step of our work, the presentation and the compliments were precious. The activities were a great combination of interviews, sport activities, sightseeing etc, that made each of our days unique and fabulous. We were amazed by the history and the wonderful views of the city. The families were hospitable and really nice and they made us feel at home. We were given the opportunity to socialize with people from different places and we broaden our horizons by getting to know their cultures. We were really happy that our work was highly appreciated by the teachers and students there. The time we spent was marvelous and it will always remain in our memory.

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