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Historical Visit of Father General to Our School: A Moment of Joy and Inspiration

With immense joy, on Friday, May 17, our school had the honor of hosting the General Father of the Society of Jesus. His visit represents a historic event for us, being the second visit of a General Father, following that of General Father Kolvenbach in 1994. It was an extraordinary privilege that deeply touched the entire school community, offering a unique opportunity to share our reality and receive valuable advice and inspiration.

A Special Welcome

The day began with a warm welcome. Together with our students, we accompanied the General Father on a tour of the school, showing him the facilities, classrooms, and daily life that enlivens our institution. The students were enthusiastic and proud to show off their school and its activities, while the General Father showed deep interest and affection towards the students.

Meeting with the Governing Council

Later, we had a formal meeting with the school’s Governing Council. During this meeting, we presented the reality of our institution and the socio-economic context of Shkodra and Albania. It was a moment of great importance, where we could illustrate the challenges and opportunities we face daily, receiving in return valuable suggestions and sincere encouragement to continue our educational mission.

Welcome by the Youth Eucharistic Movement

A particularly touching moment of the visit was the meeting with the youths of the Youth Eucharistic Movement (YEM). The young people welcomed the General Father of the Jesuits, Fr. Arturo Sosa, in a circle, creating an atmosphere of intimate sharing. During this meeting, the young people had the opportunity to share their personal experiences and listen to the words of the General Father. The testimonies of the young people were full of enthusiasm and hope, and Father Sosa responded with warmth and wisdom, sharing his own testimony as well. This exchange reinforced in the young people the sense of belonging to a large family, that of the Jesuit community, and renewed their commitment to live the values of the movement with dedication and passion.

Dialogue with the Educational Community

The highlight of the visit was the meeting with the entire educational staff, parents, and alumni of the college. In a warm atmosphere, the General Father answered numerous questions regarding the challenges of education in the 21st century. His words struck deep chords, offering points of reflection on crucial topics such as inclusion, migration, and the importance of educating young people in the values of justice, peace, and solidarity.

The visit of the General Father represented much more than a simple formal event. It was an enriching experience that strengthened our sense of belonging and our confidence in continuing our educational commitment with determination.

The historical visit of the General Father will remain imprinted in our hearts as a moment of great significance and inspiration. We are grateful for the opportunity to have shared our reality with him and to have received his valuable support. This event has given us new energy and motivation to continue pursuing our Catholic and Ignatian educational mission with passion and dedication, aware of the importance of our role in the formation of future generations.

We conclude with a sincere thank you to all those who made this visit possible and who contribute every day to the growth and success of our school. We look to the future with renewed confidence and hope, ready to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that await us.

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Kαıpóϛ (Kairos) 1 in Albania

From 16 – 19 febrary, we experienced KAIROS -1 here in Albania. It was an unforgettable time, where all students have experienced it with profound joy. There have been 4 (fuor) unforgettable days starting with prayers reflections and sharing surprises that have influenced on each – others life. For sure new experience are always difficult to be prepared and organized but on the other hand, we can’t say this for KAIROS that we arranged for the first time in Velipoja,Albania.
The same experience was held in October in Italy with students of our school net which has encouraged us to prepare and share with students of our school the richness that we have achieved there.
Even though during preparations we had a few doubts never theless the tiredness accompanied by disencouragment moments, everything went very good; or we can say better than we thought.
Experiencing 4 (fuor) wonderful days like those many seem not enough but the values we have received are a lot and will stay within us for the whole life.
Even though in KAiros – 1 we had the LEADER role, we tried the same emotions and the same feelings as our partecipants.
We hope that Kairos continues because this experience helps us to find answers to our questions and live responsabily
This experience was also enriched with the presence of 8 (eight) students from Loyola school of Kosova accompanied by their animators.
I am Gentiana Zabelaj and I had the chance to be part of KAIROS -1 in Albania; a underful experience I didn’t think that this experience would fundamtally influence in my life.
Thanks to KAIOROS, I could answer to the questions that I cherish and I was able to know myself better, re-enforce the relationship with others and also with God.
During these 4 (fuor) days I have experienced unforgettable emotions that will stay in my mind and hearts as the most underful moments experienced during my life.
I thank a lot all persons who have encouraged me to participate in particular our LAEDER friend who have tought us that being a leader means sharing with others.

Mural at Atë Pjetër Meshkalla school

Some of our students who love painting, and painted a murales on a wall near the entrance of the school. The idea was suggested by the Headmaster, who wished to remind the names and the faces of all the students of the school. But how to realize this idea and involve the students and the teachers?
The students involved in the painting have suggested this image: a tree with branches on which the pictures of first and second years’ students are hang, like fruits that still need sap to grow mature. Some birds leave the tree carrying the pictures of the third year’s students, ready to enter other roads in the education system and in the society.
By the roots stands the figure of Saint Ignatius carrying the pictures of the teachers. That evokes the sap that nourishes the fruits: the “cura personalis” for each student, a long tradition of the Jesuits Fathers who have made the education one of their main apostolic fields from the very beginning.
Many students worked in this project, who accepted to remain in the school after lesson to work.
Here are the names of those who contributed with their work:
Ava Kozmaj 12E, Manjola Ndou 12E, Bora Bojaj 12B, Xhiulio Nika 12D, Erli Marku 12G, Enrik Popaj 12G, Paula Boshi 11A, Xhozef Kaci 11F, Lusiana Kimza 12 G, Xheni Hila 11F

Jesuits and Sports

From May 4th to May 7th, in Torino, Italy, a conference took place. Its theme was “Jesuits and sport”- Friendship, Fairplay and Fun. In this activity there were students from Albania, Spain, Malta, Hungary and Italy. Our school was represented by a delegation with the students: Sledja Ishmakej, Klea Gjoni, Gabriel Rakaj, Drisela Kullolli, and lead by the physical education teacher, Aurora Hila.
During the conference, the delegations presented their projects linked to the influence the Jesuits had had in developing sports, and they discussed the benefits of sports in our lives, especially for teenagers.
Every day was filled with all kinds of different activities, allowing students to participate, to introduce themselves and to get to know each other and each other’s cultures. This gave the activity a cultural dimension.
Teenagers were able to play different sports, highlighting its importance in their lives.
It was an unforgettable experience. Everything was wonderful. The teamwork, the continuous help of our teacher, Aurora Hila, who supported us in every step of our work, the presentation and the compliments were precious. The activities were a great combination of interviews, sport activities, sightseeing etc, that made each of our days unique and fabulous. We were amazed by the history and the wonderful views of the city. The families were hospitable and really nice and they made us feel at home. We were given the opportunity to socialize with people from different places and we broaden our horizons by getting to know their cultures. We were really happy that our work was highly appreciated by the teachers and students there. The time we spent was marvelous and it will always remain in our memory.


25-29 october 2016
Some students of our school, accompanied by Maestro Federico Parise and sister Flora Gjoka have taken part in a spiritual experience organized by the Injacian net of Jesuit schools in Italy.
Kairos is an experience that has been continuing for years in Injacian net of Jesuit schools, while for us was the first time. Kristian Guri, Enea Guri, Ana Prendi, Kristi Brushtulli, Paola Qyrsaqi, Xhulia Gjergji dhe Xhovana Gjomarkaj took part in this experience.
What is Kairos ?
The meaning of this word comes from the ancient greece which means: The appropriate time during which happens a special thing for the one that feels this moment.
Kairos is an experience that follows the itinerary of the spiritual exercises of Saint Injaci, fitting each age and situation of teenagers, working on the emotions and helping people to grow and to become free within knowing better himself , his identity , in relationship with himself , the others and God.
Kairos is a special, holy and privileged moment which helps you understand in what situation is your relationship with your deepest desire,with the others and with God.
It doesn’t happen often to have such moments and to reflect in silence.
Some of the students who participate replied:
Kristi: Not everyone has the possibility to have such a unique and incredible experience like Kairos. It didn’t last much, but helped me to know new people and the most important thing to know myself. Every part of the organization was special, it was quite a warm hospitality and full of surpises.
Ana: Mistery and surprises .
Enea: Emotion and positivity
We thank our scool for giving this possibility to have such an experience , hoping that this experience will be realised in our school too.

Change mission in our hands

We wanted to include many elements in a single painting. Sunset in the background symbolizes the last hope that and sun with its rays blazes before the darkness covers the earth. In the picture there is also the book present; it is the bible which symbolizes wisdom of God; the scattered pages are pages of knowledge and transmission of mission  to help the world.

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