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Change mission in our hands

We wanted to include many elements in a single painting. Sunset in the background symbolizes the last hope that and sun with its rays blazes before the darkness covers the earth. In the picture there is also the book present; it is the bible which symbolizes wisdom of God; the scattered pages are pages of knowledge and transmission of mission  to help the world.

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Unity Tree

We have painted a tree with its roots and branches: the roots symbolize antiquity, giving the idea of being there for a very long time. In the roots there are written some values without which the tree (the man) can not be. The tree is covered with a green sphere which represents the world, the universe life. Above the sphere stand two embraced people that symbolize humankind that is asked to live in harmony according to the initial project of the Creator.

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Peace eyes

Our painting presents a girl that points out life sufferings: she is wearing a chain around her neck that symbolises negative feelings. The chain is broken the very moment when the girl herself discovers love and peace she feels inside. Her eyes express peace, her hands express her freedom to be open-minded towards life that continuously offers her the possibility to live the true freedom.

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We are one

Pope Francis addresses to youth saying: “Be united  and walk to the only way”. With this picture we wanted to show many different ways that represent each of us (with different backgrounds and religions) walking towards the only way that unites us with the Creator. That is why the painting is entitled “We are one”.

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Future values

In this picture we wanted to express peace and erudition. Peace is symbolised with a girl that holds a book in her hand, from which derives the expression (yesterday is over, experience today, reach tomorrow). In the picture there are some pages being ripped out of the book and taken by the wind and then turned into doves. Doves are symbol of peace which they spread it around the world. In the picture there are  flowers, called as (flowers of desire) by the painters. The magic dust, stands for the spread of kindness.

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This picture is based on Pope`s speech who addresses to youth about hospitality, religion tolerance and love values. The sketch wants to transmit these values. Mother Theresa`s figure itself, who is present in the sketch, symbolises love and affection that each of us wants to experience.

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