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LER ( Eycharistic Youth Movement)

The members of LER (The Albanian branch of the Eucharistic Youth Movement) are students, Jesuits, teachers and group leaders, many of whom are former students of the school. Our mission is to give youthsthe tools they need to grow in various aspects: culturally, morally and spiritually. Through the activities that we prepare we  aim to reflect upon ourselves, get to know each other better, help the community in which we live,reflect on Holy Scriptureand pray so that we could grow up “with and for” others.

We students and former students are the center of these activities, where we have a chance to meditate on our lives and share our thoughts and experiences. We usually meet withinthe school,however we sometimes meet in suitable open spaces withinor even outside the city.

LER also encourages us to work for the common good of our city, allowing us to see difficult realities with our own eyes and to do something for the people who suffer different hardships, for example children hosted by foster parents. This way each one of us, besides offering what we have, receives a chance to grow spiritually by learning to live with other people and taking care of them.

Extracurricular activities

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