Pjetër Meshkalla Institute
School of the GesuitiEducazione Network

Kαıpóϛ (Kairos) 1 in Albania

From 16 – 19 febrary, we experienced KAIROS -1 here in Albania. It was an unforgettable time, where all students have experienced it with profound joy. There have been 4 (fuor) unforgettable days starting with prayers reflections and sharing surprises that have influenced on each – others life. For sure new experience are always difficult to be prepared and organized but on the other hand, we can’t say this for KAIROS that we arranged for the first time in Velipoja,Albania.
The same experience was held in October in Italy with students of our school net which has encouraged us to prepare and share with students of our school the richness that we have achieved there.
Even though during preparations we had a few doubts never theless the tiredness accompanied by disencouragment moments, everything went very good; or we can say better than we thought.
Experiencing 4 (fuor) wonderful days like those many seem not enough but the values we have received are a lot and will stay within us for the whole life.
Even though in KAiros – 1 we had the LEADER role, we tried the same emotions and the same feelings as our partecipants.
We hope that Kairos continues because this experience helps us to find answers to our questions and live responsabily
This experience was also enriched with the presence of 8 (eight) students from Loyola school of Kosova accompanied by their animators.
I am Gentiana Zabelaj and I had the chance to be part of KAIROS -1 in Albania; a underful experience I didn’t think that this experience would fundamtally influence in my life.
Thanks to KAIOROS, I could answer to the questions that I cherish and I was able to know myself better, re-enforce the relationship with others and also with God.
During these 4 (fuor) days I have experienced unforgettable emotions that will stay in my mind and hearts as the most underful moments experienced during my life.
I thank a lot all persons who have encouraged me to participate in particular our LAEDER friend who have tought us that being a leader means sharing with others.

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