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Mural at Atë Pjetër Meshkalla school

Some of our students who love painting, and painted a murales on a wall near the entrance of the school. The idea was suggested by the Headmaster, who wished to remind the names and the faces of all the students of the school. But how to realize this idea and involve the students and the teachers?
The students involved in the painting have suggested this image: a tree with branches on which the pictures of first and second years’ students are hang, like fruits that still need sap to grow mature. Some birds leave the tree carrying the pictures of the third year’s students, ready to enter other roads in the education system and in the society.
By the roots stands the figure of Saint Ignatius carrying the pictures of the teachers. That evokes the sap that nourishes the fruits: the “cura personalis” for each student, a long tradition of the Jesuits Fathers who have made the education one of their main apostolic fields from the very beginning.
Many students worked in this project, who accepted to remain in the school after lesson to work.
Here are the names of those who contributed with their work:
Ava Kozmaj 12E, Manjola Ndou 12E, Bora Bojaj 12B, Xhiulio Nika 12D, Erli Marku 12G, Enrik Popaj 12G, Paula Boshi 11A, Xhozef Kaci 11F, Lusiana Kimza 12 G, Xheni Hila 11F

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