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For centuries the Jesuits in Shkoder have distinguished themselves for their educational and cultural activities.

The High School was founded in 1877, taking its name from a famous Jesuit missionary of the 16th century, the Spaniard Saint Francis Xavier.

The Saverian High School, which at the beginning operated as a commercial school in accordance with requests coming from the families in Shkoder, in the 1920’s it gradually evolved into a Secondary School focusing on humanities in order to offer a deeper cultural formation.

The words written on the emblem of the school, “For God, for our Homeland and for Progress”, along with the eagle which is the Country’s symbol, explain its main goals; the motto “Work – science – discipline” explains its style of education.

The human and religious formation was strictly connected with a strive for excellence in every aspect of the youths’ lives. The school was Catholic, but nonetheless many Orthodox and Muslim students have attended the courses.

In the Saverian High School’s history many Jesuits stood out as proficient pedagogues, teachers, researchers and scientists; many students became famous either in their homeland or abroad for their commitment, patriotism and high scientific level. This tradition lasting for decades has had a great impact on religion, culture and society in Shkoder and the whole Albania, as well as in several countries in Europe and America, until everything was abolished in 1946.

After the fall of the communist regime, the Jesuits returned immediately to Albania, and in 1992 opened again a small, temporary school in Shkoder serving some catholic students.

In 1994 the Jesuits hadmuch of their landreturned to them, on which a public school had been erected by the country. The Jesuits have ran this school since then, naming it after a Jesuit from Shkoder, Father Pjeter Meshkalla, that the city itself took up as a symbol of faith, culture and freedom.

In the academic year 1998-1999 the “Pjeter Meshkalla” High School was opened to both boys and girls, Christians and Muslims, thereby taking care of the younger generations of Shkoder.

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