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The school gave itself a precise organizational structure in order to define the tasks and roles of each member of the school. We work in accordance with both the educational project defined by the laws of the country as well as with our own vision based on the Jesuits’ pedagogical tradition.

The Headmaster of the school is a Jesuit priest, aided by two lay Vice-Head mistresses and a Board of Directors.All but two teachers are laypersons: one Jesuit Father that teaches Spanish and a nun that teaches Religious Culture. Besides 38 teachers for the ordinary subjects, we also have 8 teachers who teach a second foreign language: students can choose one language among French, Spanish, German and Italian. (With the first foreign language being English, which is obligatory for all students).

Today all work on the school is finished, and the buildings together with all the tools necessary for a high-level education have been delivered and are ready to be used. 599 students have enrolled in the academic year 2014/2015. They come from the city of Shkoder (about 60%) and many villages in Northern Albania (about 40%). 21 academic classes have been formed, with 7 classes in each year: according to the ministerial directives Albanian High Schools offer a 3-year cycle of studies. We have almost 30 students in each class, and the school will be able to enroll up to 610-640 students at full capacity.

Students need to excel in an open competitive exam in order to enroll in the first year, since the applications we receive each year exceed what we can offer (about 200); in this academic year we have received more than 250 applications, which means that  some of those who desired to attend our school were not able to.





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